Accidents hurt - safety doesn't. Give your students, teachers/professors and your staff a safer environment to study and learn with complete security and surveillance products from TIMESENSE TECHNOLOGY.

Secure your premises by keeping a watch on the people entering and leaving your educational campus through the installation of CCTV systems and metal detectors. TIMESENSE renowned technology, quality and reliability create a disciplined environment, which is needed on campus for students to excel in studies and extracurricular activities.

We provide you expert solutions that cover every need of security and surveillance on campus such as:

  • Monitoring Students for Better Control
  • Safeguarding Your Entrances/Exits
  • Improving Teaching & Non Teaching Staff Efficiency
  • Making Discipline Not Just A Habit But A Way of Life

We bring all the levels of security at one platform

Timesense provides all the security and surveillance products under one roof with full integration as per your need and demand.
There are various solutions available with us. Do write into us at info@timesense. in with your details or specifications required and we shall be more than keen to service you.