Banking And Financial Institutions

Security Systems like GSM Based Alarm Panel, CCTV equipment and technology based products have given a all time reach to infrastructural advancement and also deploy a truly state-of-the-art surveillance cum monitoring system that can

Monitor activities at any number of branch offices sitting from a central location through CMS.
To verify the status of alarms remotely To maintain the Fire Alarms, Security Alarms, Access Control and CCTV for the safety of the bank, customers and their own bank staff.

All the functionality needed for maximum reliability

The CCTV surveillance system reduces the risk that the burglars will get away with their crimes, and this also includes internal frauds within the bank also by their own employees. High image quality leads to easy identification of people and a clear view of transactions at ATM machines also by means of special feature like Text Overlay, and also surveillance within the branches near deposit boxes and at the cashiers/branch manager’s desk in the branch.

We know that banking operations are primarily to do with financial transactions, bank needs to much cautioned and vigilant ensuring the customers to move freely with their business activity.

We bring all the levels of security at one platform

Timesense provides all the security and surveillance products under one roof with full integration as per your need and demand.
There are various solutions available with us. Do write into us at info@timesense. in with your details or specifications required and we shall be more than keen to service you.